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JULY 2022 - JUNE 2023

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Family Foundation

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J.F. Bryan
Coker Law
Douglas Anderson School of the Arts


Leadership Jacksonville

Arts and Culture Day

Education Day

Education, Growth and Preservation Day 1

Economy, Growth & Preservation Day 2

Health Day

Justice Day

Leading From Within Day

Leading With Equity Day

Poverty Day

Closing Retreat

Youth Leadership Jacksonville

“Are We Our Brother’s/Sister’s Keeper” Day

Closing Retreat & Graduation

“Dollars and Sense” Day

“Leading for a Lifetime” Day

“Everyday Creativity” Day

Next Generation

“Exposing Our Community’s Culture” Day 

New Leadership Summit


Julie Anderson
Jeptha Barbour
Cynthia Griffin

Mary Fisher
Debbie Johnson
Linda Lindenmoyer

David Miller
Mincy Pollock
Sheila Pressley
Ravi Raheja
Schultz Foundation

Will Smith
Thurston Roberts Charitable Foundation
Ellen Wiss


Nelrae Pasha Ali
Martha Baker
Ashleigh Brooks

Betty Carley
Jon Cooper

Antonia & Andy Crawford
Amy D’Olimpio

Jill Dame
Meredith Schmidt Guess

Preston Haskell
Lisa Hayes

Thanh Hogan
Michael Howland

Michael Huskey
Helen Jackson
Helen Lane

Jerry Mallot
Kathy Miller
Donald Padgett
Pamela Paul
John Peyton
Drew Prusiecki
Regency Centers Corporation
Richard Simmons
Clark Robertson

Christopher Skinner
Bill Sorenson

TECO Energy
Justin Terry
UF Health Jacksonville
Nancy Veasey


Elizabeth Augustus
Wade Barnes
Josh Becksmith
Berry & Co. Real Estate
Sang Cho
Community First Credit Union of Florida
Randy Drew
Nancy Edwards

Bruce Ferguson
Alan Harmon
Robert Harmon

Paola Parra Harris

Robert E. Harris
Robert M. Harris
Mary Harvey
Patrick Johnson
Timothy Johnson
Yvonne Moore
Donald Padgett
Mark Sirota
United Way
Billy Wagner


Reece Alford
Ray Alfred
Donald Ames
Sunil Kumar Ancha
Russell Armistead
Rachel Back
George and Elizabeth Bedell

Ben Bishop Jr.
Jan Brogdon
Crystal Broughan
Carolyn Broughton
Monique Brown

John Bryan
Brian Buchner
Jami Bueker

Susan Burns
Steve Canty
James Clark
Michelle Cook

Maria Coppola
Michael Corrigan
Barbara Darby
Georgette Dumont

Brenda Ezell
Karen Feagins

Theresa Florio
Jessie Forst

Elizabeth Head
Deborah Gianoulis Heald
Charles Hedrick
Jan Hirabayashi
Connie Hodges
Christine Hoffman
Kimberly Holland
Harry Horner
Marcia Morales Howard
Denise Hudman
Derek Igou
Genni Jett
Carlton Jones
Manisha Joshi
Suzanne Judas
Tricia Kapustka
Chris Kennelly
Jason Kirk
Joy Korman

Steve Kowkabany
Brynn Crawford Lang
Judy Lanier
Susan Lehr
Page Lemel
Steven Libman
Amy Lingren
Terry Lorince
Richard Lovelace
Susan Main
Susan Masucci
Karen Mathis
Lara Mattina
Michael Miller
Kathryn Murphy
Stephan Nix
Deborah Norman
Mary O’Brien
Peter O’Brien
James O’Leary
Kathy Para
Stephen Parker
Robin Patton
Mary Alice Phelan
Connie M. Phillips
Joni Poitier

Peter Racine
Wen Raiti
Paul Riel
Andrea Rizzi
Vickie Robinson

Duane Rowland
Kyle Sanders
George Scanlon

Susan West Schantz
Alina Schreiber
Howard Serkin
Art Shad
Seth Shapiro

Laine Silverfield
Richard Sisisky
Lucie Sweda
MaliVai Washington
Evie Welch
Quinton White, Jr.
Sharon Wilburn
Gary Wilkinson
Linda Wilkinson
Tracy Williams
Christina Wirth


Thank you to the following donors for their generous support of Celebration 2023. For event information, click here.





Brooks Rehabilitation
Community First Credit Union
Michael Howland
LJ Class of 2015
Marks Gray, P.A.

Mayo Clinic
Operation New Hope
TD Bank
TECO Energy
Wells Fargo


English El Enterprises
Ennis, Pellum & Associates, CPA
Helen Jackson
JAX Chamber
Mayo Clinic


H. Wade Barnes, Jr.^
Margaret P. Bryan^
Stephen Canty^
Jill Langford Dame^
Barbara Russell Drake^

Jerry and Sarah Mallot^
Sherry Murray*^
Sandy and Steve Ramsey^
Isabelle Spence^


Jill Dame, LJ 1987
by Joan Baringer
by Justin Terry 
by The Delores Bar Weaver Legacy Fund (2022-2023) 

Meg Folds, LJ 1999
by Emily Lisska

Nina Lueck, YLJ 2022
by Sean Lueck

Walker (YLJ 2019) and Bridgette Wells (YLJ 2022)
by Lori Wells


Dinah Kossoff, LJ 1989
by Daniel Kossoff

Espie Patrinely, LJ 1977 and President 1992
by Yvonne Moore

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