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Community Board Opportunities

Leadership Jacksonville frequently receives inquiries from nonprofit organizations or government authorities and commissions who want to tap our membership for positions.  Sometimes they are looking for specific skills, e.g., need someone with real estate experience or finance.  Often they are looking for “new blood”, folks who are interested in getting involved and might be passionate about the cause that the organization serves.  Almost always they hope for someone who will contribute time, talent, and treasure.

Would you be interested in being recommended to area nonprofits or government commissions/boards?  If so, when we are contacted or see an opportunity we will pass your name on and at that point it is up to you and the organization to decide if there is interest and a fit. You aren’t committed, just open to opportunities.

Please mark all organization types that you might be interested in hearing from about board openings.  Please know that just because you mark something, you might not ever get a call (we might not hear from anyone in this area) and just because you get a call doesn’t mean that you have to say yes if you don’t have the time or interest to serve!

Thank you for your interest in community board participation!