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Celebration 2019 Darnell Smith, Alberta Hipps and David Miller

Youth Leadership Jacksonville and Collegiate Leadership Experience

Celebration 2018 Janet Owens and Susan Greene

Celebration 2017 David Stein and Tim Cost

Celebration 2016 Jerry Mallot & Nina Waters

Celebration 2015 Ceree Harden, Connie Hodges & Cleve Warren

Celebration 2014 Isabelle Owen Spence

Celebration 2014 William C. Mason

Celebration 2014 Toni Crawford

Celebration 2013 John Peyton

Celebration 2013 Deborah Gianoulis Heald

Celebration 2013 Gary Chartrand

Celebration 2012 Preston Haskell

Celebration 2012 William O. Birchfield

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