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Leadership Jacksonville Graduate and Honorary Member Quotes:

“LJ was one of my most rewarding chapters.” – Vanessa Boyer LJ’ 97

“Leadership Jacksonville provides an opportune venue to groom and enhance community leadership to embrace development, collaboration and evaluation of our community up close and personal with essential hands-on results.” – Ju’Coby Pittman-Peele LJ’ 93

“Through Leadership Jacksonville I learned what trusteeship is all about. It’s about putting community service above one’s personal agenda.” – Martha Barrett LJ’ 81

“Over the last thirty years Leadership Jacksonville has enriched our community with a cadre of informed leaders.” – J. F. Bryan LJ’ Honorary

“Leadership Jacksonville has provided all of us with a network of friends who are committed to building Jacksonville into a better place for all of us to live.” – Jane Condon LJ’ 90

“I have found Leadership Jacksonville, its programs, and the people it brings together to be one of the most stimulating opportunities for community involvement, connection, and outreach. I simply love LJ!” – Dr. Barbara Darby LJ’ 93

“Leadership Jacksonville absolutely ranks as one of the top tem things I’ve done in my years in this city. I’m proud to be a member.” – The Honorable John Delaney LJ’ 86

“My year in the Leadership Jacksonville program made me aware of many of the challenges we face in Northeast Florida, but more importantly it gave me insight into our assets and potential solutions. Because of my Leadership Jacksonville experience I am more focused in my commitment to making a positive change in our community.” – Barbara Drake LJ’ 92

“Leadership Jacksonville is a must for anyone assuming a leadership role in the Jacksonville Community.” – The Honorable Nat Glover LJ’ 89

“Leadership Jacksonville was vital in my development of a network for meaningful relationships in our community and my more fully understanding the many opportunities for community services. My further involvement with Youth Leadership Jacksonville has been so rewarding as I have observed the development of future community trustees.” – Hugh Greene LJ’ 91

“Leadership Jacksonville is all about building community trustees – individuals who care deeply about our City and its future.” – Audrey Moran LJ’ 89

New Leadership Summit Attendee Quotes:

“The New Leadership Summit opened my eyes not only with respect to the various aspects of our community where I could contribute, but also opened my eyes to the fact that I needed to become a better steward of our community, and just be involved. ” 

“The program challenged and inspired us to think about the ways in which we, too, can participate in the growth and direction of our community.”

“Let me assure you that this was one of the best two-day business events I have ever attended.”

“You provided an excellent networking opportunity that was filled with key information about our great city.”

“All speakers were first rate and spoke on timely subjects. The program was carefully structured to facilitate relation-building without being heavy-handed about it.”

“If you’re looking for a crash course on Jacksonville from people who have been influential in its development, this is a solid program. It was terrific!”

“As a newcomer to Jacksonville, this program gave me a tremendous jump start in understanding the Jacksonville community, its issues and opportunities, and how our company can provide leadership.”

Next Generation Graduate Quotes:

“NextGen was one of the most enlightening and eye opening experiences. The relationships that we have come to build with everyone have been fulfilling, long-lasting, and just wonderful. ”

“This program sharpened my thinking and interaction skills, while at the same time allowing me to better understand myself and those around me.”

“This has been an eye opener into Jacksonville that people don’t normally get. I’ve gained knowledge of history, ideas, hopes, dreams and goals from people behind the scenes that I never knew existed. It has reinforced my desire to make Jacksonville better.

“The experience has not only taught me more about Jacksonville than I knew existed, but NextGen also taught me valuable leadership skills and a better understanding of people in general.”

“This experience enriches young members in this community, members who will be encouraged and given reasons to stay in Jacksonville and make it prosper. This is all because of the NextGen experience.”

“NextGen fosters within college students pride that comes with being from Jacksonville as well as a new sense of the opportunities that this wonderful city holds.”

“The program got me excited about being involved in my community! I never had the appreciation for my city like I do now. The experience opened my eyes and I would want others to see that.”

“It makes you have a better understanding of not only the community, but of yourself as a leader.”

“This is one amazing once in a lifetime experience.”

“This is a great experience to travel and learn what needs to be done and has been done, in the city of Jacksonville. It gives students a head start on others because of all the knowledge they will learn and all the networking that is possible at these functions.”

“I learned how to work with my peers and to bring a better tomorrow for a city. I also feel like I was given the keys to become a trustee for the city.”

Youth Leadership Jacksonville Graduate Quotes:

“The lessons I learned about life, our community and society in general are things that cannot be learned inside the classroom, but only through the many hands-on experiences YLJ provides. ”

“YLJ is an experience that enriches the mind and soul. One is definitely challenged in one way or another, which leads to growth. ”

“This program prepares young leaders for the real world like no other program in Jacksonville.”

‘I no longer fear meeting new people or experiences. YLJ has given me the skills to be a dynamic leader. ”

“I really learned how to look at my world through new eyes. ”

“I am much more optimistic about Jacksonville’s future than I was before participating in YLJ. ”

“I gained a strong sense of community. I now feel obligated to serve. ”

“It is one of the most beneficial experiences I have ever taken part in. I highly recommend it to the others. ”

“Not only have I made so many new friends, but I have also learned so many skills that will help me throughout my life. ”

“It is a combination of fun and learning. It is an opportunity to experience so many things that such a great number of people know nothing about. ”

“Youth Leadership Jacksonville is a program that gathers a diverse group of students together, to give them an opportunity of a lifetime. “